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July 9-11 Furniture and Decorative Arts Auction (post-auction prices) Page 11

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Lot NumberDescriptionEstimated Selling PriceHammer Price

LADY'S COPPER-COLORED BEADED PURSE, having a round shape and cover, with handle. $90 - $120$45

WILLIAM HENRY BARTLETT (American, 1809-1894) Three engravings hand colored, landscapes in the Bavarian Alps, all with figures. Each 4 5/8 in. by 6 3/4 in. In matching wood frames. $90 - $120$50

ANTIQUE PASTRY TABLE AND WOOD DOUGH BOWL, American, late 19th/early 20th century. The pastry table has a lift box-like cover on hinges opening to a rectangular rosso marble top on butch-block-style floor stand with drawer and four square tapering legs. Closed dimensions: 36.5"H x 22.25"W x 19.5"D.

$200 - $300$325

FOURTEEN KARAT YELLOW GOLD CHAIN LINK BRACELET, 8 inches with 20 yellow gold links. Weight: 8.4 grams. $100 - $150$60

TWO EMERALD, DIAMOND AND FOURTEEN KARAT GOLD RINGS, each set with round-cut emeralds and round-cut diamonds. $100 - $150$190


$180 - $250$130
0707-0505A SET OF FIVE MAHOGANY DINING CHAIRS, Louis XVI influence, Continental, early 20th century, all with inlaid crest rails over caned backs and seats. $100 - $150$60

FIVE BOHEMIAN CUT CRYSTAL CORDIALS. Four are a set with blue, ruby, plum and green bowls with cut clear design, 4-3/4 in. ht.; together with a single with red bowl, clear design, 4 in. ht. All on clear stems. $100 - $150$60

WALNUT AND BURL WALNUT DOUBLE-DOOR WARDROBE, English, mid 20th century. Dimensions: 73.5"H x 36"W x 21"D. $100 - $150$110

PAIR OF CHINESE CLOISONNE PLAQUES, hand enameled flower and bird decoration on turquoise ground. Each panel, 8 in. by 14 in. $100 - $150$80

AN EIGHT PIECE GERMAN PORCELAIN TABLE DECORATION, applied pink roses on off-white ground, consisting of a console bowl on pedestal base, 12in. length; pair of two-light candelabra, 6-3/4 in. ht.; pair of trumpet-form vases with green accents, 7-1/4 in. ht.; together with 3 single roses. Marked with the factory trademark underfoot, Kandarbeit, Germany.

$150 - $200$45

A GROUP OF EIGHT FEDERAL STYLE MAHOGANY DINING CHAIRS, American, mid 20th century, the group comprising a set of six and a similar pair, all with shield-shaped backs, padded seats and square tapering legs with stretchers. $100 - $150$160
0707-0511FOUR CHINESE OIL PAINTINGS ON PORCELAIN PLAQUES, one with man contemplating, three depicting fauna and flowering plants. All with calligraphy. Each 9 in. by 13 3/4 in. In matching hardwood frames.

$100 - $150$160

THREE-PIECE TEAKWOOD SEATING FURNITURE SET, Chinese, mid 20th century, comprising sofa and a matching pair of armchairs, all three with caned backs and loose cushion seats. Sofa dimensions: 30.25"H x 72"L x 28"D.

$300 - $400$500
0707-0513AN ART DECO STYLE TABLE LAMP. The flame colored red and yellow stained glass shade 14 in. wide, twin lights, supported on patinated metal base. Height 24 in. $180 - $250$190

A GROUP OF 12 CALIFORNIA BAUER POTTERY TABLEWARE, C. 1930-40, in ring and other patterns, consisting of 1 flared vase, 8-1/4 in. ht.; 1 cylindrical vase, 6 in. ht.; 1 ring centerpiece bowl, 9 in. dia.; 1 flower centerpiece, 11-3/4 in. length; 1 milk pitcher; 3flared vases, 4 and 3 in.; 1 tumbler; 1 shaker; 1ovoid base, 5 in.; and 1 soup cup. $100 - $150$160

A ROCKING PINE CRADLE, Continental, 19th century elements. Length 37 inches. $100 - $150$40

PINE STORAGE CABINET, Continental, 19th century elements. The square cabinet has a flat top an three false drawers down the front, the front sliding forward to extend the interior storage space. Closed dimensions: 29.5"H x 32"W x 29.5"D. $100 - $150$50

MULTI-COLOR GEMSTONE PENDANT NECKLACE AND A PAIR OF EARRINGS, all set with pink tourmaline, peridot, citrine, blue topaz, amethyst and garnet gemstones. $200 - $275$300

TWO FOURTEEN KARAT YELLOW GOLD CHAIN NECKLACES, 26-1/2 and 16-1/2 inch gold link chains, together weighing 12.8 grams. $150 - $200$130

FEDERAL STYLE MAHOGANY CHINA CABINET, American, mid 20th century. The top section is a display cabinet with two shelves behind glazed double doors; deeper base section with drawer over a pair of wood panel doors and splay legs. Dimensions: 72.5"H x 36"W x 17"D. $120 - $180$200

PAIR OF CITRINE, DIAMOND AND FOURTEEN KARAT WHITE GOLD PENDANT EARRINGS, each 1-1/2 inch and set with four round-cut diamonds and a single bead-cut citrine gemstone. $400 - $600$190

TWO ARTICLES STERLING SILVER JEWELRY, including a seven inch chain link bracelet and a heart shaped pendant, both stamped "TIFFANY & CO.".

$200 - $300$200

SOLID ROSEWOOD SOFA OR CONSOLE TABLE, Chinese, 20th century, having a rectangular panel top over four square legs. Dimensions: 29"H x 42"L x 14"D. $90 - $120$140

A GROUP OF FOUR CHINESE PORCELAIN FIGURES, of beautiful women in various poses, each playing a musical instrument and decorated with applied flowers, green ground. Heights 16 in. to 11-1/2 in. $100 - $150$130
0707-0524PERSIAN ARAK CARPET, floral and central floral medallion design on blue ground, hand knotted, 6'11" x 9'2". $300 - $400$350

A GROUP OF 11 CALIFORNIA BAUER POTTERY TABLE WARE, in turquoise/green colors, in ring and plain patterns, consisting of 2 water pitchers, 1 water/coffee carafe, 1 double-handled bean pot, 9 in.; together with 5 mixing bowls, 9-1/2 in. dia. and 2 mixing bowls, 8-1/2 and 8 in. dia. Most marked Bauer underfoot. C. 1930-40. $200 - $300$400

PAIR OF ENGLISH STAFFORDSHIRE FIGURAL SPANIELS, brown accents on gray ground with brown colored glass eyes. Heights 13 in. $90 - $120$110
0707-0527UTAGAWA ICHIYUSAI KUNIYOSHI (Japanese, 1798-1861). Color woodcut, oban size, depicts a woman in traditional 18th century costume wearing wooden clogs watching animals behind her. Signed in calligraphy l.l. In wood frame. $100 - $150$70

A GROUP OF THREE DECORATIVE GLASS ITEMS. One a green glass cordial decanter with white enameled lilies of the valley, with clear stopper and handle, 9 in. ht.; a vaseline glass cruet in the hobnail pattern, clear stopper, 8 in. ht.; together with a contemporary glass vase in russet color shading to green, 10 in. ht. $120 - $160$40

THREE CHINESE PORCELAIN VASES, including a pair of double gourd vases and a large standard vase, all three with oil spot glaze on shaded multi-color ground. Heights 14.25 and 25.5 inches.

$100 - $150$70

THREE CHINESE PORCELAIN VASES. Including a pair of pillow-form; one with squirrels; one with dogs; and floral designs in blue, red berries on white ground, 14-1/4 in. ht.; together with a bottle form, swimming blue fish design, red accents on white ground, 10-1/2 in. ht. $100 - $150$140

LOUIS XV STYLE SETTEE, American, mid 20th century, with carved and molded walnut frame. Dimensions: 42.75"H x 51.5"L. $250 - $350$120

LOUIS XV STYLE SETTEE, American, mid 20th century, with carved and molded walnut frame. Dimensions: 42.75"H x 51.5"L. $250 - $350$120

A THIRTY-TREE PIECE ENGLISH PORCELAIN TEA OR COFFEE SET, in the Moss Rose pattern including tea pot, 9-1/2 in. ht.; cream and sugar, 5 cups; 12 saucers; 1 open sugar bowl, 11 dessert plates, and 1 round dessert plate, 9 in. dia.

$100 - $150$45
0707-0533A GROUP OF EIGHT STERLING SILVER TABLE ARTICLES. Two are by S. Kirk & Son Silversmiths, a round pin tray, 3-1/4 in. dia. and an oval nut dish, 4-1/2 by 3-1/4 in., both in ornate floral designs; pair of shakers, La Pierre pattern by Lunt, 4-1/4 in. ht.; pair of candleholders, 3-3/4 in. ht.; and 2 Birks round pieces, 4 in. and 5-1/2 in. $120 - $160$80

LOUIS XV STYLE MAHOGANY CABINET NIGHTSTAND, Continental, early 20th century, having a square marble top over drawer and cabinet door, the whole raised on tapering cabriole legs with applied sabots (one missing). Dimensions: 30.25"H x 17.25"W x 17.25"D.

$100 - $150$90
0707-0535FOURTEEN KARAT YELLOW GOLD CHAIN BRACELET, 8 inch omega chain weighing 14.1 grams. $160 - $225$130
0707-0536AFGHAN TURKOMAN CARPET, overall repeating geometric gol decoration on red ground, hand knotted wool, 6'7" x 9'3". $300 - $400$140

A COLOR COPY OF AN 18TH CENTURY ENGRAVING titled Mrs. Cosway. 14 in. by 18 3/4 in. In custom gilt wood frame. $80 - $120$35

TWO CERAMIC ASIAN BUSTS, brown glaze. One a Buddha, the other an Empress, with gold calligraphy highlights. Heights 21 in., and 19-1/2 in. $100 - $150$60

A GERMAN METTLACH STONEWARE PITCHER, glazed in a pale green in tulip pattern, in relief, stamped with the Mettlach trademark in green underfoot, #824. Height 7-1/8 in.

$100 - $150$40
0707-0540MODERN ERA EASY CHAIR, American, c. 1940's, with floral tapestry covered back and seat cushions and burgundy fabric covering the arms and sides. Complements lot #447. $100 - $150No sale
0707-0541RETRO FLOOR LAMP, the floor standard with nickel-plated finish and segments of clear acrylic under a square maroon cloth shade. Height 60 inches. $120 - $160$70

ENGLISH BRASS PLATED JELLY PAN, 19th C., having an iron bale handle, 14 in. dia. $100 - $150$30

TWO EAST INDIAN WOOD SCULPTURES, Ganesha the elephant god, the most popular zoomorphic Hindu deity depicted with elephant head on human body with four arms. Heights 34.5 and 36.25 inches. $150 - $200$250

A GROUP OF 35 CALIFORNIA BAUER POTTERY TABLE WARE, C. 1930-40, all in the yellow color, most in ring pattern, consisting of 8 dinner plates, 9-1/2 in. dia.; 12 saucers, 6 in. dia.; 4 sugar bowls (no lids); 2 mixing bowls, 1 shallow center bowl, 11-1/2 in.; 3 ramekins, 1 relish plate, 1 saucer plate, 1 butter cover, 1 center bowl, 8 in. dia.; and 1 shaker. Marked Bauer underfoot.

$120 - $160$225

A GROUP OF SIX DECORATIVE WOOD OBJECTS OF ART, Chinese, 20th century, including: carved and parcel-gilt horizontal archway crest with five pictorial giltwood panels, 20"H x 82.5"L; a small pair of openwork carved panels, 7 x 2.5 inches each; a plain pair of folding two-panel table screens, 32"H; a folding two-panel floor screen, 74.5"H. $150 - $200$225

FOURTEEN KARAT YELLOW GOLD CHAIN BRACELET, 7-1/4 inch omega chain weighing 19.1 grams. $200 - $275$275

FOURTEEN KARAT YELLOW GOLD CHAIN BRACELET, 7 inch gold link chain weighing 19.0 grams. $200 - $275$300

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