Information for Sellers

The first step in the auction process is to determine the auction value of your property. An O’Gallerie specialist will evaluate your items at no charge and in complete confidence. We accept consignments with a minimum auction value of $200. You can obtain an auction estimate in several ways:

Appraisal Appointments

O’Gallerie specialists conduct auction value appraisals for private collectors, corporations, museums, fiduciaries and government entities on a daily basis. An auction estimate reflects our expert opinion as to what amount an individual item may be expected to sell for in a specific sale on a specific date. This estimate, expressed in a low/high range of dollar amounts, is reached after the specialist compares prices realized for similar items in recent auctions and other sales venues. Other factors that guide the setting of estimates include the condition, rarity, provenance and market potential of the item. Estimates are not guarantees that the object will sell within the published range, but are intended to provide general guidelines for buyers and sellers and to stimulate competitive bidding.

Call or Email to Schedule an Appointment

Estates & Private Collections

Please contact Tom O’Grady - (503) 957-5507

[email protected]
William Samuel Parrett Painting

Paintings, Drawings, Prints, Sculpture & Other Fine Art

Please contact Philip Chachka - (503) 238-0202

[email protected]

Porcelain, Pottery, China, Glass & Silver

Please contact Tom O’Grady - (503) 957-5507

[email protected]

Fine Jewelry

Please contact Katie O’Grady - 503-312-0000

[email protected]

Firearms, Weapons & Collectibles

Please contact Pat McGuire - (503) 781-3245

[email protected]

Furniture, Time Pieces, Decorative Arts, Oriental Rugs & Carpets and Vintage Wine

Please contact Tom O’Grady - (503) 957-5507

[email protected]

Large Collections

If you have a large collection, our specialists can travel, by appointment, to evaluate your property on-site. We encourage you to call and make an appointment to meet with and receive a convenient appraisal from one of our specialists. Alternately, we are open in Portland at 228 NE 7th Ave., M-F, from 9 am to 5 pm to meet your consignment needs. Although our specialists may not be available to see you, someone will be able to provide assistance.

Due to our busy auction calendar, we request that all warehouse deliveries be scheduled in advance with the appropriate department. O’Gallerie does not accept consignment of unappraised property.

Consignment Appraisals via Mailing Photographs

If you are interested in consigning and reside outside the Portland Metro area, you may submit photographs by mail of the items you wish to consign for appropriate evaluation. Please note, this service is for consignment only. Clear photographs of each individual item, including dimensions and other pertinent information is expected. Send all information in an envelope marked “Photo Auction Estimate” to O’Gallerie, 228 NE 7th Ave., Portland, OR 97232.


Digital Photos

Alternatively, you may submit your digital photos. Please include clear images as well as any pertinent information (artist, size, history, etc.) regarding your item(s). You may also email us directly at [email protected].

Submit Images

Safe and Secure Jewelry Estimates

Our gemologists are available by appointment to appraise your jewelry and timepieces at our Portland gallery. If it is not possible for you to visit us there, you may send your jewelry to us for appraisal by mail. The U.S. Postal Service will insure packages sent by registered parcel post up to $25,000. Once your jewelry has arrived at O’Gallerie it will be insured on our premises. This is a safe and practical way to obtain free auction estimates, and it is the method preferred by many dealers and collectors.

Trust and Estate Services

O’Gallerie has been serving the needs of fiduciaries – lawyers, trust officers, accountants and executors – in the disposition of large and small estates. Our services are specially designed to aid in the appraisal and disposition of fine art, antiques, jewelry, and collectibles. We offer a full range of estate services ranging from flexible financial terms to tailored accounting for heirs and their agents to world-class marketing and sales support. For more information, please contact Tom O’Grady at [email protected] or call (503) 238-0202.

Ready to Consign?

After you receive an estimate, you may consign your property to us for sale in the next appropriate auction. Depending on the category and price point of your property, it will be slated for either a Furniture and Decorative Arts Auction or one of our exciting quarterly Day Auctions.

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